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Accomdemy = 

Accompany + Academy

Accomdemy is an open source non-profit co-learning community. We are a group of tech enthusiasts have the same vision of using technology to make self-learning fun and not lonely.

Since COVID-19, pandemic has changed people's life a lot. Co-learning with the community is a proven path of maintaining high learning motivation and even further getting your first software / hardware developer job.

More than 1,000 people have accompanied each other and learnt knowledge including:

Embedded AI, Computer Vision, Audio, 3D Printing, PCB Layout, KiCad, MicroPython, IC Design, Verilog, FPGA, Robotics ... and more! Learning all of this knowledge is hard for a single person, but with community it becomes much easier and fun.

Accomdemy is not only a community but also a network. The alumni are from different top tier tech companies such as TSMC, Realtek, ARM, Edge Impulse, Microsoft, Amazon...etc. With alumni's help, we support each other from all the aspects. 

If you are new to embedded system, we recommend you start from joining our discord server and sharing what you're trying to build with the community.

There are many collaborative projects on going in the community, you can earn NFTs by participating and contributing to these projects.

You can add these NFTs as certifications to your résumé or LinkedIn. But more important than the certifications is the practice you get along the way.

If you feel overwhelmed, that is normal.


Programming is hard.

Practice is the key. Practice, practice, practice.

And by truly participating and sharing will give you thousands of hours of hands-on programming practice.

And if you want to learn more about how it works, we also have thousands of hours of video courses on Accomdemy's YouTube channel.

If you want to get a developer job or freelance clients, programming skills will be just part of the puzzle. You also need to build your personal network and your reputation as a developer.

You can do this on Twitter and GitHub, and also on the Accomdemy Facebook Group.

Happy coding!

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